Adjustable, no-slip tuck belt


  • Looking for a clean tuck with your leggings or want to try your favorite tee as a crop?

    Create new looks by changing your top length with a no-slip tuck with the Tuckband.

  • Adjustable, no-slip

    Tuckband is an adjustable, no-slip band that solves the tuck problem. Adjust the length of your tuck belt up to 20 inches!

  • Easy tuck you control

    No more cutting or tucking into your bra or using tricks, pins and bobby pins. The versatile Tuckband gives you the comfortable, no-slip tuck that you control.

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β€œThe idea for the TUCKBAND came from a recurring problem I find myself having β€” I have a top I love, but I struggle to style in a flattering way. Our mission is to provide a solution to the tuck problem and give you the control to tuck your top where you want it.”

Tracy, Founder

  • 1.

    Clip your TUCKBAND around your waist where you want your top to fall

  • 2.

    Fold your top under your TUCKBAND

  • 3.

    New Look, New Top!

Turn Any Top Into A Crop

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Stretchy No Show Elastic Band for Women - Invisible Elastic Belt with Hook & Eye Clasp for Women - Discretely Holds Side Tuck, French Tuck, Crop Tops