The idea for the TUCKBAND came from a recurring problem I find myself having — I have a top I love, but I don't wear it with all styles of jeans. My long tunics look great with leggings, but I can’t layer under a blazer with my high-waisted jeans. Or, I’m wearing my jeggings with a long blouse — untucked looks sloppy and fully tucked shows a bit too much of my backside. :) I want to be able to tuck my top where I want it, giving me more versatility with my tops and bottoms. 

The TUCKBAND is the solution. It is an adjustable band that you place near the waistline of your bottoms, as high or low as you want, to give yourself the perfect tuck. Tuck the front or side only, or a full and low waisted tuck, regardless of the waistline of your trousers. 

- Tracy Sailors