How to Wear Crop Tops Without Showing Skin

How to Wear Crop Tops Without Showing Skin

When crop tops burst back onto the fashion scene a few seasons ago, many assumed they would be a fleeting trend. These midriff-baring garments tend to divide women's opinions and can be challenging to style. However, defying all expectations, crop tops have endured, and women have discovered how to rock them with undeniable cuteness.

This summer, crop tops are back in vogue, but if you're not keen on revealing too much skin, fret not. I have you covered—quite literally. Whether you prefer pairing them with high-waisted pants or a midi skirt, these stylish looks that will keep you fashionably covered. Scroll on to discover outfit inspirations that strike the perfect balance between chic style and modesty.

1. Layer

Layers are our favorite way to go to rock a crop top without showing skin! Layering over a slip dress or over a fitted tailored top are super chic and a classic look.

2. With High-Waisted Bottoms

The high-waisted bottoms are always a great option with a crop top. 

3. Cover Up the Skin 

Tie a sweatshirt or jean jacket over your midriff to get a little extra coverage.

The Tuckband is your perfect, go-to accessory for creating all of these fashionable crop top looks. Easily and comfortably crop any top; no need to cut, awkwardly tuck or invest in a new top. Wear your favorite tops all ways! 

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